Как сравнивать на английском? Вопросы и ответы для практики!

Как сравнивать на английском

Сегодня мы практикуем сравнительную степень (Comparative) в английском языке. Мы задаем друг другу вопросы и отвечаем на них. Уровень диалога Intermediate. Текст к видео доступен в формате PDF по ссылке выше. Вы можете прослушать аудиоверсию выпуска в наших подкастах на Яндекс Музыка и Apple Podcasts! Подписывайтесь на наш канал!

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Как сравнивать на английском? (English Comparatives)

Сегодня мы практикуем сравнительную степень (Comparative) в английском языке.

(1) Which is more difficult to learn, English or your language? — Что сложнее выучить, английский или ваш язык?

I think Russian is more difficult than English. That’s for sure!

(2) What things are you better at than your best friend? — В чем ты лучше своего лучшего друга?

I am better at making new friends. I’m a friendly and positive person.

(3) Are people today luckier than they were 50 years ago? — Сегодня людям повезло больше, чем 50 лет назад?

It depends. Life was different 50 years ago. Something was better, something worse. I can’t say that people today are luckier than they were 50 years ago. 

(4) Is it better to study English in class or online? — Английский лучше изучать в классе или онлайн?

In my opinion it’s better to study online, because you don’t need to spend time and go to your teacher. So you can save some money as well. 

(5) Are you happier now or were you happier when you were younger? — Вы счастливее сейчас или были счастливее, когда были моложе?

I like all stages of my life. I think it’s not a good idea to compare them. 

(6) Are video games better for you than watching TV? — Видеоигры для вас лучше, чем смотреть телевизор?

I don’t like both. But if I had to choose, I would prefer to play a video game rather than watching TV.

(7) What is worse than failing exams? — Что хуже провала экзаменов?

To fail them again I think! That’s why it’s very important to study hard for any kind of exam.

(8) Is it better to go on a date with someone who is older or younger than you? — Что лучше пойти на свидание с кем-то старше или младше вас?

I think it’s better to date someone who is younger than you, but not much younger. 

(9) Do you think buying a more expensive brand means it is much better than a cheaper brand? — Как вы думаете, покупка более дорогой марки означает, что она намного лучше, чем более дешевая?

Not always. Often we pay for brands, but sometimes the quality of clothes is not so good. Especially now, when famous brands don’t think about quality too much. 

(10) How much would you pay to have an Internet connection that is 100 times faster than the one you have now? — Сколько бы вы заплатили за подключение к Интернету, который в 100 раз быстрее, чем тот, который у вас есть сейчас?

1 dollar. I don’t need such a fast Internet. My Internet is pretty good now.

I think one day we will have the Internet free of charge. And everyone will be able to use it. All over the world.

Anya —-> Rinat

(1) Does life get more complicated the older you become? — С возрастом жизнь становится сложнее?

I think it does. When you are a kid, parents do a lot of things for you. They earn money, buy food, buy clothes and educate you. Basically you have nothing to worry about. When you get older you have to make your living on your own. It’s much more complicated.

(2) Is the world safer now than it was before? — Сейчас мир безопаснее, чем был раньше?

I don’t think so. I think it’s getting more and more unstable each year. Countries compete for natural resources, territories and other things. I am really afraid of the future sometimes. 

(3) Is studying comparatives easier or more difficult than studying superlatives? — Изучение сравнительной степени легче или сложнее, чем изучение превосходной степени?

I don’t know. Comparatives and superlatives are pretty simple in English. So I can’t say which one is easier.

(4) Will tomorrow be more interesting than yesterday? — Будет ли завтра интереснее, чем вчера?

Absolutely! New day is a new life with a lot of new interesting things to come! 😊

(5) Is there anything more delicious than your mother’s cooking? — Есть ли что-нибудь вкуснее, чем готовит твоя мама?

If only your mother’s cooking! Mothers are always the best at cooking.

(6) What is healthier: eating good food or getting lots of exercise? — Что полезнее: хорошее питание или много упражнений?

They both are important. You can’t be healthy if you eat a lot of junk food. Even if you work out every day!

(7) Would you like to be more beautiful / more handsome than you are now or more intelligent than now? — Хотели бы вы быть красивее, чем сейчас, или умнее, чем сейчас?

No I wouldn’t. I think it would be strange. I am satisfied with who I am.

(8) Which is worse: a virus attacking your computer or a virus attacking your body? — Что хуже: вирус, который атакует ваш компьютер, или вирус, который атакует ваше тело?

A virus attacking my body is much worse than a virus attacking my computer. That’s for sure.

(9) Are you smarter than your parents? In what way(s)? — Вы умнее своих родителей? В чем?

No, I am not smarter than my parents. Maybe I am better at some specific things, but I can’t say that I am smarter.

(10) What would you like to be better at than anyone else in the world? Why? — В чем бы вы хотели быть лучше всех в мире? Почему?

I don’t know. I think it’s impossible to be the best at something for a long time. Someone will become better than you one day anyway. But it’s important to try and not to stop improving yourself!

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