О капитализме на английском

О капитализме на английском языке (B1-B2 Диалог)

В этом видео мы говорим о капитализме (capitalism) на английском языке. Текст к видео доступен в формате PDF по ссылке в описании. Подписывайтесь на наш канал и делитесь комментариями! Спасибо вам!

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О капитализме на английском языке

(1) What is capitalism? — Что такое капитализм?

As far as I understand it, it’s the economic system based on private properties and free market relationships.

(2) Is capitalism the best economic system for the world? — Капитализм — лучшая экономическая система для мира?

I don’t think so. Like everything in the world, capitalism has pros and cons.

(3) Who likes capitalism? — Кому нравится капитализм?

Many people like it. Many people don’t. I can’t say exactly what kind of people they are. Some reach ones I guess.

(4) Who suffers from capitalism? — Кто страдает от капитализма?

Poor countries, mostly from Africa.

(5) Will the whole world be capitalist one day? — Станет ли однажды весь мир капиталистическим?

No. I think capitalism is getting worse and worse and it will be gone some day. But what is next, this is the question.

(6) What are the advantages of capitalism over communism? — В чем преимущества капитализма перед коммунизмом?

Capitalism is simple. It allows people to live as well as they want, having fun, earning money and buying stuff as much as they can. It attracts people, it’s what people love.

(7) What is the free market? — Что такое свободный рынок?

I’m not that good at economics. I think it’s the market with free competition in business , when the government doesn‘t control anything too much.

(8) What is the difference between capitalism and greed? — В чем разница между капитализмом и жадностью?

It’s a hard question. I can’t compare these words actually. Capitalism is not necessarily associated with greed. It can be bad and can be good. It’s different. 

(9) What happens to the less intelligent or able under capitalism? — Что происходит с менее умными или способными при капитализме?

They usually live worse, which is not fair of course. That’s the problem of capitalism. People are socially very divided when living in capitalism. 

(10) If capitalism is so great, why are there many people living below the poverty line in capitalist countries? — Если капитализм настолько велик, почему в капиталистических странах многие люди живут за чертой бедности?

That’s what I’m saying. It’s a big problem of capitalism. It’s the system which is not based on fairness. If someone lives very well — there is another who lives in poverty. And this man might be even smarter than the first one. He was just not so lucky and didn’t find himself in this system. 

Rinat ——> Anya

(1) Is capitalism a nice word? — Капитализм — хорошее слово?

For me it’s OK. The word as word. 

(2) Are there better alternatives to capitalism? — Есть ли лучшие альтернативы капитализму?

Socialism can be better of course, but people are too lazy to build it. It takes many years. It’s much more difficult to limit yourself to let other people live well. I don’t believe that people can do that.

(3) Does capitalism make the rich richer and the poor poorer? — Делает ли капитализм богатых богаче, а бедных — беднее?

I don’t know really. It probably does. It’s funny to read the news about some really rich person, that is getting richer when other people can’t make ends meet. It’s absolutely crazy to me. 

(4) Is it ethical for CEOs to get giant salaries? — Этично ли для руководителей получать гигантские зарплаты?

No it’s unethical, but who cares?

(5) Aren’t capitalists people who exploit workers? — Разве капиталисты не эксплуатируют рабочих?

It’s a hard question. People are different, and capitalists are different as well. 

(6) Does capitalism destroy the environment? — Разрушает ли капитализм окружающую среду?

Please stop asking me such provoking questions!))))) I think that humans destroy the environment. Capitalism has nothing to do with it. 

(7) Are giant, multinational corporations good for the world? — Полезны ли для мира гигантские транснациональные корпорации?

If they do a lot of good things for people, why not?

(8) What are the objectives of anti-capitalism activists? — Каковы цели активистов выступающих против капитализма?

I don’t know. Some changes I guess. But what kind of changes are they fighting for? That’s the question.

(9) Bill Gates has billions of dollars. Many people in New Orleans live below the poverty line. Is that capitalism?

Yes it is. Perfect example. But on another hand, Bill Gates created the biggest charity organisation. It is capitalism too.

(10) Are you a supporter of capitalism? — Вы сторонник капитализма? 

I am a supporter of common-sense. I can’t say that I support everything in capitalism. Something is good, something is bad. As always.

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