О книгах и чтении (B1-B2 диалог на английском)

о книгах на английском

Вы любите читать? Какая у вас самая любимая книга? В этом диалоге мы говорим о книгах на английском языке. Вы можете скачать PDF транскрипт к нашему диалогу по ссылке выше.

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О книгах и чтении (B1-B2 диалог на английском)

(1)How important are books to you? — Насколько важны для вас книги?Books are important of course. Reading good books makes us smarter. Unfortunately, it’s not so popular nowadays because of the Internet.
(2)What would life be like without books? — Какой была бы жизнь без книг?We would know nothing about our history. Our life would be more boring and we would have less subjects to talk about.
(3)What kinds of books do you like? — Какие книги тебе нравятся?In childhood I liked adventures and detectives. Now I’m more interested in history.
(4)Do you prefer paperbacks or hardbacks? — Вы предпочитаете мягкую или твердую обложку?For me it’s not that important. If I buy a book for myself I prefer paperbacks, they are cheaper and more convenient. If I need a book as a present, a hardback is more appropriate I think.
(5)If you wrote a book, what would you write about? — Если бы вы написали книгу, о чем бы вы написали?That’s an interesting question. I like learning foreign languages and a few years ago I wrote a book about my experience of learning English with some useful information for learners. When I’m older and have time, I would write some adventure story or a detective. I think it would be quite interesting.

(6)If you could have only one book for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? — Если бы вы могли иметь только одну книгу на всю оставшуюся жизнь, что бы это было и почему?This is a hard question. I have a few favorite books. If I have to choose only one, I would take “Three Comrades” from Erich Maria Remark. This is a very interesting and deep story about love and friendship. I like to read about people, about their lives, about how they help each other and what they do in hard situations of life.
(7)Do you think the Internet will make books disappear? — Как вы думаете, Интернет заставит книги исчезнуть?I don’t think so. People will always read books. The problem is that children read less, because of the Internet and computer games.
(8)What do you think of the idea of E-books? — Что вы думаете об идее электронных книг?It’s very convenient and I’m glad that E-books exist. However, when I’m at home I prefer reading a real book. I like to have a good book in my hands, turn the paper and so on. There is something pleasant in it.
(9)What book would you recommend for children? — Какую книгу вы порекомендовали бы детям?I’d recommend Oliver Twist by Charls Dickens. 
(10How many books have you read in English? — Сколько книг вы прочитали на английском языке?About ten I think. It was a long time ago when I just started learning English. I prefer reading books in my mother tongue, in Russian.

Rinat —-> Anya

(1)Who is your favorite author? — Кто ваш любимый автор?I can’t choose only one author.
(2)What do you think of Google’s idea to put all the world’s books on the Internet, accessible for free? — Как вы относитесь к идее Google разместить в Интернете все книги мира бесплатно?I think it’s not bad, if they are still available in shops as an option. Some people don’t like E-books.
(3)Why doesn’t everybody enjoy reading? — Почему не всем нравится читать?They didn’t find their book I think. When you start reading a good book you usually can’t stop. And after you finish it you look for another one.
(4)Do you prefer to keep the books you read? — Вы предпочитаете оставлять книги, которые читаете?I like to exchange them. 
(5)What’s the most number of times you have read the same book? — Какое наибольшее количество раз вы читали одну и ту же книгу?I’ve read “The Insulted and Injured” by Dostoevsky two times, because I forgot what it was about. After I read it the second time, I was impressed again. 
(6)Which is better, the book or the movie? — Что лучше: книга или фильм?It’s definitely the book.
(7)Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction? — Вы предпочитаете художественную литературу или нет?I prefer reading fiction, but now I’d like to read something about the history of the Second World War.
(8)Do you spend a long time browsing in bookshops? — Вы проводите много времени в книжных магазинах?Not much. I always have a list of books I want to buy. When  I don’t know what kind of book I want, I go to the section of classics. It’s always good.
(9)Do you ever read the last page before you start reading a book? — Вы когда-нибудь читали последнюю страницу перед тем, как начать читать книгу?Never! I like reading one chapter by another. It’s much more interesting. 
(10How often do you want the story in a book to never end? — Как часто вы хотите, чтобы история в книге никогда не заканчивалась?Very often. After I finish the book, I start missing the characters and the story. That’s why I always begin looking for a new book.
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