Говорим о бизнесе (business) на английском языке! (Intermediate English)

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Говорим о бизнесе (business) на английском

(1) Are you interested in the world of business? — Вас интересует мир бизнеса?

No, I have never been interested in business. It doesn’t attract me.

(2) Do you think you have good skills for business? — Как вы думаете, у вас есть хорошие навыки для бизнеса?

I don’t think I can run my own business. I don’t like taking risks, which is absolutely necessary for making business.

(3) What kind of business would you like to start? — Какой бизнес вы хотели бы начать?

I’d start some online-business rather than a real one. I like growing our YouTube channel. Who knows, maybe one day we can earn money on it.

(4) Do you think anyone can start their own business? — Как вы думаете, каждый ли может начать свой собственный бизнес?

I think that anyone can start his business, but not anyone can be successful in it. Most business projects are not successful. It’s what the statistics say.

(5) What are the dangers of having your own business? — Чем опасен собственный бизнес?

You can’t be sure of your future, because your income is not stable. It’s quite scary. 

(6) Would you include your own name in your business name? — Вы бы включили свое имя в название вашей компании?

No, in Russia we usually don’t do so. But it depends on business of course. 

(7) Do you read any business magazines? — Вы читаете какие-нибудь деловые журналы?

No. Are there such magazines? I don’t even know about them!

(8) Are men or women more successful in business? — Мужчины или женщины более успешны в бизнесе?

I think it doesn’t matter. Anyone can become successful in business. 

(9) Do you think you’d be a tough person to work for? — Как вы думаете, вы были бы трудным человеком, если бы на вас работали?

I am not a tough person. Maybe it’s the reason why I am still not a businesswoman?

(10) What advice would you give to people starting in business? — 

Какой совет вы бы дали тем, кто начинает свой бизнес?

Think twice before starting. Believe in yourself and save some extra money. Just in case!  

Anya —-> RInat

(1) How would you define business? — Как бы вы определили бизнес?

Business is an organization or enterprise involved in commercial, industrial, or professional activities that bring profit. 

(2) Would you like to have your own business? — Хотели бы вы иметь свой собственный бизнес?

It’s not a good time to start your own business now. Maybe in the future I will start teaching English, but now I like what I do at my full time job. 

(3) What kind of people are good at business? — Какие люди хороши в бизнесе?

They are self-confident people and good leaders. They know how to plan the finances, they know how to make contacts with other businessmen. And they need to be lucky!

(4) Is it easy to start a business in your country? — Легко ли начать бизнес в вашей стране?

There is a stereotype that it is not easy, but some of my friends started their business quite easily. So I don’t think it’s difficult to start a business in Russia. It’s much more difficult to make it successful!

(5) What business skills do you have? — Какие у вас есть деловые навыки?

It’s not easy to specify your own skills. I don’t think that I have a lot of business skills.

(6) Would you prefer to start a real business or an Internet business? — Вы бы предпочли начать реальный бизнес или интернет-бизнес?

I would prefer to start an Internet business. I have the necessary experience and knowledge for it. 

(7) What would be your motto in business? — Каким был бы ваш девиз в бизнесе?

I don’t know. It depends on what kind of business I’d have. 

(8) What kind of office would you like? — Какой офис вы бы хотели?

I would like to have a comfortable office not so far from my home. But I don’t think offices play a big role now. Many companies don’t have offices at all. Especially if you have an Internet business. 

(9) Who would be your business hero? — Кто был бы вашим бизнес-героем?

I think I wouldn’t make a hero for myself, but just focus on my own project.

(10) What would be your main business goal? — Какова будет ваша основная бизнес-цель?

I would like to provide good services and get enough money. And it’s extremely important to enjoy what you do!

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