Говорим о работе (work) на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке!

Сегодня мы говорим о работе (work) на английском языке. Чтобы лучше понимать разговор, вы можете включить субтитры в настройках YouTube. Текст к видео доступен в PDF формате по ссылке ниже. Прослушать аудиоверсию диалога о работе на английском можно в наших подкастах на Яндекс Музыка и Apple Podcasts. Подписывайтесь на наш канал!

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Вопросы о работе на английском языке

(1) What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘work’? — Какие образы возникают у вас при слове «работа»?

I think about my job and about what I am doing during my workday. I am lucky enough to have a good job and awesome colleagues. 

(2) Are you interested in working? — Вы заинтересованы в работе?

Yes I am. Work is important for me, because I need to pay my bills!😀 Of course I am interested in that!

(3) Someone said work is for horses and idiots. Do you agree? — Кто-то сказал, что работа для лошадей и идиотов. Вы согласны?

No I don’t! Work is a good thing that develops this world. If nobody worked, we would have nothing to eat. It’s simple.

(4) What would life be like if we did not have to work? — Какой была бы жизнь, если бы нам не нужно было работать?

I can’t imagine this. All we have now is a result of the work of a lot of people. Work is something that makes us human actually. 

(5) Would you like to work in your own business? — Хотели бы вы работать в собственном бизнесе?

No I wouldn’t. I am not a businessman and I understand it very well. Not everyone can run his own business. It’s a hard job that needs specific abilities and a lot of luck!

(6) Would you like to work in another country? — Хотели бы вы работать в другой стране?

If you asked me about that ten years ago I would say “yes I would”. Now it would be a difficult decision for me. I have a good job here in my country and can’t just quit it. It would be stuped.

(7) What are working conditions like in your country? — Каковы условия труда в вашей стране?

It’s different and depends a lot on the company. But in general it could be better I think. Russia is still quite a poor country with low salaries. Unfortunately!

(8) What is the best job in your country? — Какая самая лучшая работа в вашей стране?

I don’t know. There are a lot of interesting jobs. I think being a pilot is quite interesting and well paid. But it’s a specific job and not for everyone of course.

(9) What do you want to do for work? — Чем вы хотите заниматься на работе?

I am an engineer and work a lot with boilers and heating systems providing technical support to our customers. I enjoy what I am doing!

(10) Would you like to work as a youtuber or blogger? — Хотели бы вы работать ютубером или блоггером?

If it brings me enough money, maybe. But it’s better to combine your real job with your hobby of blogging I think.

Rinat —-> Anya

(1) Why do we have to work? — Почему мы должны работать?

Because we need something to eat! No money no honey!😀

(2) What is a workaholic? — Что такое трудоголик?

It’s people who work a lot and really like it. I am not a workaholic! That’s for sure!

(3) Would you like to work the night shift, day shift or afternoon shift? — Хотели бы вы работать в ночную смену, дневную смену или вечернюю смену?

I am not a night person. So I would like to work the day shift of course. 

(4) Do people work long hours in your country? — В вашей стране люди работают сверхурочно?

It depends on the job. Some people do work long hours like in any other country. It’s obvious!

(5) Is work a  dirty word? — Работа — это плохое слово?

It depends on work. I don’t think it’s a dirty word. At least for me.

(6) Will you ever become a millionaire by working? — Станете ли вы когда-нибудь миллионером, работая?

Who knows! Everything is possible. But I don’t want to have a lot of money, I just want to have enough!

(7) Is housework really work? — Работа по дому действительно работа?

Yes it is. I like keeping my house neat and clean. So of course housework is really work.

(8) Is raising a family hard work? — Трудно ли создать семью?

Absolutely! It’s hard work, but a pleasant one. 

(9) Is looking after a pet hard work? — Тяжело ли ухаживать за питомцем?

It depends on the pet! I have a cat and it’s not difficult for me to look after her. She makes me happy everyday!

(10) What is it like to be out of work? — Каково это быть без работы?

It’s awesome if you have a working husband!

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