Говорим об Олимпийских Играх (Olympics) на английском языке! (Intermediate English)

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Об Олимпийских играх на английском языке

(1) What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘Olympics’? — Что приходит вам на ум, когда вы слышите слово «Олимпиада»?

I think about different kinds of sports and the biggest sport contests between people. I also think about the Olympics that take place now in Beijing, China. It’s a wonderful event!

(2) Are you a big fan of the Olympics? — Вы большой поклонник Олимпийских игр?

Not really. I used to watch the Olympics when I was younger. Now I am not a big fan of it, but I am always proud of athletes. I understand how difficult it is to present your country at the Olympics and how nervous it is to compete with others. I admire all the athletes that are involved. 

(3) Which Olympic Games can you remember well? — Какие Олимпийские игры вы хорошо помните?

I remember the winter Olympics 2014 in Russia! It was taking place in Sochi and it was a fantabulous event! And a very important one for our country!

(4) Would your town be good at hosting the Olympics? — Подойдет ли ваш город для проведения Олимпиады?

I live in a small town. It’s definitely not a good one for hosting the Olympics! 

(5) How does a country benefit from hosting an Olympics? — Какую пользу стране приносит проведение Олимпиады?

The Olympics is a popular event, which is well known worldwide. Millions of people watch it and a lot of people visit it! So it’s a good opportunity for the hosting country to promote itself and attract more tourists in the future.

(6) Do your country’s athletes do well in the Olympics? — Хорошо ли спортсмены вашей страны выступают на Олимпийских играх?

We did well in Sochi in 2014 and got first place. In all other Olympics we were less successful. Russia is not that good in the Olympics in comparison with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was the best one during almost 40 years. It’s amazing!

(7) What is your favourite event at the Olympics and why? — Какое ваше любимое мероприятие на Олимпийских играх и почему?

The opening ceremonies are usually fantastic! I like watching it! As for contests, I like watching figure skating. It’s a hard and beautiful sport!

(8) What do you know about the Olympics rings? — Что вы знаете об олимпийских кольцах?

It has a nice meaning. They represent the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes from all over the world at the Olympic Games. Sport is something that unites people. It’s so cool!

(9) What do you think it’s like to win Olympic gold and stand on the podium with your national song playing? — Как вы думаете, каково это выиграть олимпийское золото и стоять на пьедестале под гимн своей страны?

It’s a big honor and a happy moment for each athlete. I am sure about that!

(10) Which is best — the opening ceremony or the closing ceremony? — Что лучше — церемония открытия или церемония закрытия?

They both are good. But the closing ceremony is a little bit sad, because it means the end of the Olympics!

Rinat —> Anya

(1) Is the Winter Olympics the best sports event in the world? — Зимняя Олимпиада — лучшее спортивное событие в мире?

No, I don’t think so. According to statistics the most watched sports event is the Tour de France. Then the World Cup of Soccer, Cricket World Cup, Summer Olympics and only then the Winter Olympics.

(2) Would you like to carry the Olympics torch? — Хотели бы вы нести Олимпийский огонь?

I’m not a big fan of the Olympics. So no, I wouldn’t.

(3) Do you think the Olympics should only be for amateur athletes and not professional athletes? — Считаете ли вы, что Олимпиада должна быть только для спортсменов-любителей, а не для профессиональных спортсменов?

I think it would be the right decision, because many people are in sports nowadays. I’m sure they would like to take part in the Olympics. In my opinion, professional sport is not very good for health.

(4) Do you think sumo should be in the Olympics? — Считаете ли вы, что сумо должно быть на Олимпийских играх?

No, I don’t. Sumo is practiced only inside Japan.There is no competition between nations like at the Olympics.

(5) Which is better, the winter or summer Olympics? — Что лучше, зимняя или летняя Олимпиада?

I don’t think that we can compare the winter and summer Olympics. They are different. But maybe the Summer Olympics is better, because it is a bigger event with 204 countries participating.

(6) Who do you think is the greatest ever Olympian (Olympic athlete)? — Кого вы считаете величайшим олимпийцем (олимпийским спортсменом)?

American swimmer Michael Phelps is the best Olympic athlete in history. And what do you think?

(7) Do you think the Beijing Olympics is super successful? — Считаете ли вы пекинскую Олимпиаду суперуспешной?

It’s not so successful for Russia. But it’s not finished yet. Maybe we will gain more gold medals by the end of the Olympics. Let’s wait and see!

(8) What do you think about all these doping scandals at the Olympics? — Что вы думаете обо всех этих допинговых скандалах на Олимпиаде?

It’s sad. I wish doping was never invented. It ruined the fair competitions among athletes. Moreover, there is a lot of politics in all these scandals nowadays.

(9) Why are the Olympics always held in rich cities? Should they be held in a poor country for once? — Почему Олимпиады всегда проводятся в богатых городах? Стоит ли хоть раз провести их в бедной стране?

It costs a lot of money. As far as I know, the country pays for the bidding process first. Once a country wins hosting the Olympics, they usually make new roads, build new airports, railways and other infrastructure objects.

(10) What do you know about the history of the Olympics? — Что вы знаете об истории Олимпийских игр?

The history of the Games goes back around 3,000 years, to the Peloponnese in Ancient Greece. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. 

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