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Сегодня мы говорим о лете (Summer) на английском языке. Аудиоверсия выпуска доступна в наших подкастах на Яндекс Музыка и Apple Podcasts. Текст к видео доступен в формате PDF по ссылке ниже. Подписывайтесь на наш канал и делитесь с друзьями!

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Про лето на английском

(1) What images spring to mind when you hear the season “summer’? — Какие образы приходят на ум, когда вы слышите слово «лето»?

I start thinking about sunny days, green trees, fresh air, singing birds and good mood.

(2) How do you feel when summer arrives? — Что вы чувствуете, когда приходит лето?

I’m very happy, because I like this season. To be honest, I’m always waiting for the summer. 

(3) What things about summer do you like most and least? — Что в лете вам нравится больше всего и меньше всего?

I like walking all around because the weather is good. As for the bad thing, I don’t like working in summer!

(4) What happens in summer in your country? — Что происходит летом в вашей стране?

Weather is unpredictable. It can be warm during the work week, but start raining on the weekend. People like spending time out of the city in the countryside, going to forests or lakes. There are a lot of open air festivals in Moscow. By the way, I am going to visit them this year!

(5) In what ways is summer the best season? — В каком смысле лето лучшее время года?

I think it’s because of the beauty of nature. It’s nice to look around and see different kinds of colors. I believe it has a good influence on our mood. There are a lot of varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits that are also useful for our health. Summer is a small life! Do you agree?

(6) Do you always wear summer clothes? — Вы всегда носите летнюю одежду?

Yes, I do. That’s why it’s called summer clothes. But It depends on the weather of course.

(7) What are your plans for the summer? — Каковы твои планы на лето?

As always I have great plans. First, I would like to do landscape design in our country house. I would like to visit nearby cities, spend time with my friends and go walking as much as I can!

(8) Is summer the same in all parts of the world? — Лето одинаково во всех частях света?

Of course it’s not the same. The climate is different in different parts of our planet. In some regions there are no warm seasons at all!

(9) Are there any special events that take place in summer in your country? — Проводятся ли летом в вашей стране особые мероприятия?

Scarlet sails that take place in Saint-Petersburg in June. It’s a special event for graduating schoolers. 

(10) William Carlos Williams said: «In summer, the song sings itself.» What do you think of this quote? — Уильям Карлос Уильямс сказал: «Летом песня поет сама себя». Что вы думаете об этой цитате?

I think it’s true! In summer, the song sings itself! 

Anya —> Rinat

(1) What do you like to do in summer that you can’t do at other times of the year? — Что ты любишь делать летом, чего не можешь делать в другое время года?

I like walking around and enjoying the sunny days together with friends and family. I like going longboarding, which I can’t do in winter. I like going to the beach, sunbathing and swimming. Summer is a fabulous season! That’s for sure!

(2) Do you like summer holidays? — Вам нравятся летние праздники?

There are not many summer holidays in Russia. The most important one is Victory Day, but it’s on the 9th of May, which is not exactly summer yet. But I like it of course!

(3) How would you feel if there wasn’t summer? — Как бы вы себя чувствовали, если бы не было лета?

It would be hard. People need summer, at least a short one. I can’t imagine my life without this season. 

(4) Do you like the summer sun? — Вам нравится летнее солнце?

Yes I do! Sometimes it’s too hot, so you need to be careful and protect your body. But anyway the hot weather is always better than the cold one!

(5) Would you like it to be summer forever? — Хотели бы вы, чтобы это было лето навсегда?

No. I think it’s good that we have four different seasons in Russia. I don’t like when it’s too hot for a long time. I don’t want to have the endless summer. 

(6) What’s your favourite summer memory? — Какое ваше любимое летнее воспоминание?

My favourite memories are those days when I spent time at my parents’ country house together with my family. I love it a lot and can’t wait to go there again this year!

(7) Do you like going to summer festivals? — Вы любите ходить на летние фестивали?

Not really. I don’t like being in crowded places. But it’s a lot of fun though!

(8) Do you think summer feels differently to people of different ages? — Как вы думаете, лето по-разному ощущается людьми разного возраста?

I don’t think that summer feels differently to people of different ages. Maybe older people feel worse when it’s too hot outside. Young people usually like it more.

(9) What adjectives would you use to describe summer? — Какими прилагательными вы бы описали лето?

Warm, green and beautiful!

(10) A Swedish proverb says: «A life without love is like a year without summer.» What do you think of this quote? — Шведская пословица гласит: «Жизнь без любви, как год без лета». Что вы думаете об этой цитате?

I think it’s a smart proverb! Love makes our life better as well as summer!

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