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О еде на английском языке (B1 Диалог)

В этом диалоге мы говорим о еде (food) на английском языке. В настройках можно включить субтитры к видео. PDF к диалогу доступен по ссылке выше. Будем благодарны за лайк! Подписывайтесь на наш канал!

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О еде на английском языке (B1 Диалог)

(1) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘food’? — Что приходит на ум, когда вы слышите слово «еда»?

Something delicias comes to mind. Also I think about how important food is.

(2) How often do you think about food? — Как часто вы думаете о еде?

When I’m hungry of course. 

(3) Can you eat anything? — Вы можете съесть что угодно?

I don’t think so, but it depends on the situation. 

(4) Can you go without food for a whole day? — Можешь ли ты целый день обходиться без еды?

I think I can, but I have never tried. I think it’s not good for health. 

(6) What is your favourite breakfast, dinner and supper? — Какой твой любимый завтрак, обед и ужин?

Breakfast is the most important for me. I usually eat eggs with toast and coffee in the morning. Dinner is also very important. I usually have soup and some meat for the second dish with potatoes or something. Supper is not that important. Sometimes I don’t even have it.

(7) Do you think your country’s food is the best? — Как вы думаете, еда в вашей стране самая лучшая?

Russian cuisine is tasty and healthy. I like it a lot. For me it’s the best, but there is a lot of good food in other countries as well. In Asia for example. 

(8) Do you think “you are what you eat”? — Вы думаете, что «вы то, что вы едите»?

I think so. Food is extremely important for us. If you eat too much junk food, be ready for some problems with your body and health.

(9) What do you think about canned, frozen and processed food? — Что вы думаете о консервированных, замороженных и полуфабрикатах?

It’s convenient, but less healthy. People shouldn’t eat too much of it. 

(10) What kinds of international cuisine do you like? — Какие блюда интернациональной кухни тебе нравятся?

I like Thai cuisine and food from other asian countries as well. It’s very delicious. 

Rinat —-> Anya

(1) Are you fussy or particular about the food you eat? — Вы прихотливы или разборчивы в еде, которую едите?

I like eating good food. So I am particular about the food.

(2) Have your favourite kinds of food changed over the years? — Изменились ли с годами ваши любимые блюда?

A little bit. For example beans and olives. I didn’t like it in childhood. Now I like it a lot. 

(3) Do you like fast food? — Вам нравится фаст фуд?

No I don’t. I think people eat too much fast food nowadays. Especially children.  

(4) What do you think about food additives?  — Что вы думаете о пищевых добавках?

They are different. Some are good, whereas the others are harmful. People should pay attention to the content of food they buy. 

(5) Do you care where the food you eat comes from? — Вам все равно, откуда берется пища, которую вы едите?

No I don’t. Some countries are better in producing certain kinds of food. So I prefer their food of course. But usually it’s more expensive because it’s imported.

(6) What national dishes from your country would you recommend to the world? — Какие национальные блюда вашей страны вы порекомендовали бы миру?

It’s definitely some soups like solyanka or borsch. Also I would recommend some dishes with potato like potato with mushrooms or meat, potato with herring and potato pancakes of course. 

(7) Do you worry about the rising cost of food? — Вы беспокоитесь о росте стоимости еды?

Yeah I do. Government should control the cost of food. Otherwise there will be some social problems. 

(8) Do you think the world’s food will ever run out? — Как вы думаете, в мире когда-нибудь закончится еда?

It’s possible of course. But I hope we’ll never have problems like that. 

(9) What do you think of genetically-modified (GM) food? — Что вы думаете о генетически модифицированной (ГМ) пище?

There is nothing good in it. As far as I know it’s forbidden now.

(10) Is your food bill big? — Ваш счет за еду большой?

It’s quite big. And it’s getting bigger every year. This is not good.  

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