о германии на английском

О Германии на английском языке (B1-B2 Диалог)

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О Германии на английском языке

(1) What images spring to mind when you hear the country Germany? — Какие образы приходят в голову, когда вы слышите страну Германия?

I think about places in Germany that I have visited. I have been to Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Dresden and other cities. This is a beautiful country. 

(2) What are the good things and bad things about Germany? — Что хорошего и плохого в Германии?

Good beer, nice language, beautiful nature and good roads. German history is quite hard. Especially related to our country. But it’s in the past yet.  Now everything is ok.

(3) What is Germany famous for? — Чем славится Германия?

Germans have a good reputation in engineering. Everyone knows their cars and other technical products. 

(4) What do you know about German history? — Что вы знаете об истории Германии?

Germany is a relatively young country. In 1867 Otto Von Bismarck united Prussia with other German lands. He was a founder of Germany I’d say. After the war with France in 1870 Germany became the strongest country in Europe. In the 20th century there were two other big  wars that Germany lost: the First World War and the Second World War. After the latest one, Germany was divided into West Germany and East Germany and was united again only in 1990. As I said, Germany is a country with a hard history. 

(5) What images of Germany do you have that are beautiful? — Какие у вас есть красивые представления о Германии?

There is a small town in Germany, called Marburg. It’s a wonderful historical place with a lot of old buildings and a castle. The images of this place are awesome. I recommend it a lot. Mikhail Lomonosov studied there by the way.

(6) What do you think of German cars? — Что вы думаете о немецких машинах?

They are beautiful and reliable. Especially the old ones. Many people like them. 

(7) What has Germany given to the world? — Что дала миру Германия?

Germany produces many good things and exports them all over the world. Also some famous scientists were from Germany: Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Alois Alzheimer. So they did a lot for science. 

(8) Would you like to visit Germany, or live there? — Хотели бы вы побывать в Германии или жить там?

I would like to visit it again of course. No, I don’t want to live in Germany. I like living in Russia.  

(9) Is German an important language? — Немецкий язык важен?

Yes it is. And it’s getting more and more important, because there are a lot of branches of German companies in other countries.

(10) Who are the most famous German people you know? — Кто самые известные немецкие люди, которых вы знаете?

Angela Merkel and Albert Einstein!)

Rinat ——>Anya

(1) How different is Germany from other European countries? — Чем отличается Германия от других европейских стран?

For me it’s pretty much similar to other European countries. 

(2) Do you think Germany is one of the world’s most important nations? — Как вы думаете, Германия — одна из самых важных наций в мире?

I don’t know really. I know that German economy is good and it plays a big role in Europe. So I think Germany is quite important for the world. 

(3) Why is Germany one of the top tourist destinations in the world?  — Почему Германия является одним из самых популярных туристических направлений в мире?

It’s pretty big. There are a lot of old castles in Germany. So it’s very interesting to travel around this country.

(4) What do you know about Germany’s past? — Что вы знаете о прошлом Германии?

It’s a difficult question for me. You have already said a lot about it. I know not more. 

(5) Does your country have good relations with Germany? — У вашей страны хорошие отношения с Германией?

Yeah. As far as I know, we have good relations with Germany now. 

(6) What do you think about German food and beer? — Что вы думаете о немецкой еде и пиве?

Beer is very good. As for food, I don’t like it that much. It’s too hard for me, because they love fried food. But it’s tasty. 

(7) What is your idea of a typical German person? — Что вы думаете о типичном немце?

Punctual, precise and neat. 

(8) What things about Germany do you think German people are proud of? — Чем, по вашему мнению, немцы гордятся в Германии?

It’s better to ask germans I think. 

(9) What do you know about German politics? — Что вы знаете о немецкой политике?

Not much. If I’m not mistaken, Angela Merkel is from the democracy party. She has been a cancler for many years now. So I suppose that most Germans support what she does. But I’m not sure of course.

(10) What would you like to ask a German person about? — Что бы вы хотели спросить у немца?

I would ask if they like Russia or not. It’s quite interesting. 

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