о танцах на английском

О танцах на английском (B1-B2 диалог)

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Talking about dancing

(1) Do you like dancing? — Вам нравится танцевать?

Yes I do. I think that dancing helps people to relax and it can be good fitness as well.

(2) How important is dancing in your culture? — Насколько важны танцы в вашей культуре?

It’s definitely a part of the russian culture. Our folk dances are not so popular of course, but it is important. We should not forget about them.

(3) How often do you dance? — Как часто ты танцуешь?

One year ago we visited parties of latino dances every week. We like salsa and bachata. Now, because of the pandemic, there are not so many of them. So we dance not so often now. 

(4) What kinds of dancing can we see in your country? — Какие танцы мы можем увидеть в вашей стране?

Different ones. You can see our national dances like yablochko or kazachok, but it’s mostly for performances. You can see some modern dances like latino-american dances, tango, ballet, hip-hop and so on. People like dancing.

(5) Do you like dancing in discos? — Вы любите танцевать на дискотеках?

Yes, why not. It’s always fun.

(6) Do you have any early memories of dancing? — Есть ли у вас ранние воспоминания о танцах?

The earliest memories I have are from a kindergarten, when I was six or seven years old.

(7) Why do people like to dance? — Почему люди любят танцевать?

It makes us happier and brings us a lot of good emotions. Dancing is a wonderful way to have less stress. When we dance we forget about problems, at least for a while. That’s nice.

(8) Do you ever go to see dance performances? — Вы когда-нибудь ходили на танцевальные представления?

Sometimes, but not so often. I like going to the theatre and seeing musicals. They usually include a lot of dances. 

(9) What dances from other countries do you like? — Какие танцы из других стран тебе нравятся?

As mentioned before, I am fond of latino-american dances. They are so positive and funny. 

(10) Are you good at dancing? — Ты хорошо танцуешь?

I think I am not so bad at salsa. But it’s just a hobby, nothing serious.

(1) Is there a national dance in your country? — Есть ли в вашей стране национальный танец?

Yes, as you already said, there are yablochko, hopak, khorovod, kazachok and others.

(2) Are there any famous dancing groups in your country? — Есть ли в вашей стране известные танцевальные коллективы?

There are a lot of dancing groups of course. The most famous I know is Todas.

(3) Do you think being a professional dancer would be a good job? — Как вы думаете, было бы хорошо быть профессиональным танцором?

It’s a hard job I think and very competitive. I think most of them work at dance schools and teach people dancing.

(4) Do you like movies about dancing? — Тебе нравятся фильмы о танцах?

Yes, I do. As a rule, they are very romantic. 

(5) What kind of music do you think is good to dance to? — Как вы думаете, под какую музыку лучше танцевать?

Disco is good. Latino is also good, but a little bit specific. Electro is nice as well.

(6) Do you prefer dancing alone or with other people? — Вы предпочитаете танцевать в одиночестве или с другими людьми?

Dancing alone is weird. Of course I prefer dancing with other people. 

(7) What do you think of ballet? — Что вы думаете о балете?

It’s a beautiful and hard dance, but I am not a big fan of it.

(8) Have you ever danced in the streets at festivals? — Вы когда-нибудь танцевали на улицах во время фестивалей?

When I was younger, we went to open air dance festivals. Now we usually don’t go there.

(9) Have you seen or taken part in dances that tell a story? — Вы видели или принимали участие в танцах, рассказывающих историю?

No I haven’t. But it’d be interesting to take part in such a dance. 

(10) What is the difference between a good dancer and a bad dancer? — В чем разница между хорошим танцором и плохим танцором?

A good dancer should be a good actor I think. He knows how to make the show, but not only to dance. That’s the difference I think.

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