Про шоппинг на английском (B1-B2 Диалог)

про шоппинг на английском

Сегодня говорим о шоппинге (shopping) на английском языке. Мы зададим друг другу несколько вопросов и ответим на них. Вся лексика из диалога разобрана в PDF документе, который вы можете скачать в нашем канале Телеграм. Будем рады ответить на ваши вопросы в комментариях!

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EWR #8 Talking about shopping

Hi there.

Today we are going to talk about shopping. Please don’t forget to download PDF transcripts in the description. Please also follow our Instagram. We are posting a lot of useful things there as well.

(1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘shopping’? — Что приходит на ум, когда вы слышите слово «шоппинг»?

I am very predictable, because I start thinking about shopping malls, different shops and cafes.

(2) Is shopping a real hobby? — Шоппинг — настоящее хобби?

It might be. Some people are keen on fashion (очень увлекаются модой). They follow a bunch of blogs, look at pictures in fashion magazines, read forums. They can choose the best cut and style (покрой и стиль одежды). Sometimes they transform their hobby into a job. 

(3) Why do women like shopping more than men? — Почему женщины любят делать покупки больше, чем мужчины?

Women can’t resist the temptation (устоять перед соблазном) of buying brand new clothes

(4) When’s the best time to go shopping? — Когда лучше всего идти за покупками?

In the morning, when there are not many customers in the mall and as a result no lines (очереди) in fitting rooms

(5) Do people always need the things they buy when they go shopping?  — Всегда ли людям нужны вещи, которые они покупают, когда идут за покупками?

No, they don’t! Advertising makes us buy unnecessary things. 

That’s why it’s very important to make a list (сделать список) before you go shopping.

(6) Do you prefer going shopping alone or with friends? — Вы предпочитаете ходить по магазинам в одиночку или с друзьями?

I prefer going shopping alone. I don’t like when somebody distracts  (отвлекает) me.

(7) Which is better, shopping in shops or shopping online? — Что лучше: делать покупки в магазинах или делать покупки в Интернете?

Both ways have pros and cons (плюсы и минусы). When you shop online, you don’t spend time and money on getting to the shop. You can also read reviews about the products. Sometimes online stores  sell products at low prices, which is pretty good. But online you can’t try on (примерить) and check the clothes you are buying. Shopping in shops can be better sometimes.

(8) Have you ever experienced “trolley rage” when shopping? — Вы когда-нибудь испытывали «ярость покупателей» во время покупок?

No, I haven’t. I’ve seen it in movies only. It is terrible.

(9) What’s the worst shopping experience you’ve had? — Какой у вас был самый худший опыт покупок?

Once, I bought a beautiful pair of shoes at a good price, but they were very small for my feet. I couldn’t understand how I could buy these shoes. I was disappointed, but I returned (вернула) them to the store.

(10) Is shopping an addiction? How can it be cured? — Шоппинг — это зависимость? Как это вылечить?

Of course, it can be cured. Addiction is always bad. People should try doing something else, but not going shopping. 

(1) Do you like shopping?

Not much. Especially now, when the prices are getting higher (цены растут). I’d prefer to save some money. 

(2) Is window shopping a total waste of time? — Рассматривание витрин пустая трата времени?

Yeah, I think so. For me it’s not that interesting. It’s better to go to gym (пойти в спортзал) or somewhere else. 

(3) When did shopping become so popular? — Когда шоппинг стал так популярен?

In our country in the end of 90s I believe. When a lot of shops just opened. Capitalism came to Russia (капитализм пришел в Россию)

(4) Do you prefer shopping in malls, markets or streets? — Ты предпочитаешь шоппинг в магазинах или на рынках улице?

Markets are more interesting. But there are not so many of them around (их не так много вокруг), so I have to go shopping in malls. 

(5) What’s top of your shopping list? — Что входит в топ лист ваших покупок?

I don’t know. If we don’t count (считать, учитывать) food, I like different shirts (рубашка) and T-shirts (футболки), some shoes may be or jackets (куртки). 

(6) In which store would you like to go on a shopping spree? — В какой магазин ты бы хотел отправиться за покупками?

In some big malls I think. There are a lot of them in Moscow. 

(7) What is the thing you forget most often when you go shopping? — Что ты забываешь купить чаще всего?

I don’t know. It’s better to make a list of things you are going to buy. So you won’t forget anything.

(8) Do you like going shopping in other countries? — Тебе нравится шоппинг в других странах?

Yes I do, but not for clothes (не ради вещей). I like buying some interesting things I can find only in this country. It’s a good memory. (Это хорошая память)

(9) What’s the difference between ‘going shopping’ and ‘doing the shopping’?

That’s an interesting question. To go shopping means that you want to buy something new or special, for example some clothes, technical products, gifts and so on. So you want to buy it and you go shopping for it.

To do the shopping describes the regular process of going to the supermarket to buy food and the other necessary items we need for everyday life. 

to go shopping — ходить по магазинам (покупать одежду, электронику, подарки и тп.)

to do the shopping — делать ежедневные покупки, которые необходимы для жизни. Покупать еду, воду и т.д.

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