B1 Диалог. Про декабрь на английском языке

про декабрь на английском

Диалог на английском языке про декабрь. Это хороший месяц. Немного суетной, деятельный, но приятный под конец. Уровень диалога A2-B1. Как всегда вы можете скачать транскрипты в PDF формате. Будем рады обратной связи и вопросам.

PDF к диалогу: https://t.me/englishwithrinat/102

Или тут: https://enjoyenglish-blog.com/ewr/ewr4.pdf

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Как работать с диалогом?

  1. Прослушайте диалог и прочитайте PDF транскрипт. При необходимости, включите субтитры.
  2. Прослушайте диалог еще раз, повторяя вопросы и ответы вслух (!!!).
  3. Придумайте собственные ответы на вопросы. Используйте лексику из PDF, если нужно.
  4. Слушайте вопросы и отвечайте на них вслух (!!!), соблюдая верную интонацию, произношение и ритм.
  5. Время от времени возвращайтесь к видео и повторяйте упражнение.

Про декабрь на английском языке

1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘December’?0:30 (Что первое приходит на ум, когда ты слышишь слово “декабрь”?)

I think  about the winter (зима) and holidays. Also I think about gifts (подарки) for my family and friends. 

(2) What do you think of the month of December?0:43

This is a good month. Especially (особенно)  when the weather is good and it’s not too cold. Minus 5-10 degrees is fine.

(3) What good things happen in December?0:57

New Year’s eve (канун Нового Года). Everyone likes it. 

(4) What things do you usually do in December?1:04

In December I have a lot of work, because I need to finish up (завершать) my current projects. I think that this is a common thing (общее) for many people. Also I buy gifts for my friends and closest (близких) ones.

(5) What do you think of the word ‘December’?:30

I associate (ассоциировать) it with the end of the year of course and always think about my New Year resolutions (обещания самому себе на Новый Год).

(6) What are people who are born in December like?1:45

People that I know are very good. I don’t think a month can determine (определять) someone’s character. 

(7) What do you think of December weather?2:00

As a rule (как правило), it’s cold outside. At least in Russia. I like when it’s snowing. I don’t like when it’s raining in December. 

(8) Are there any bad things about the month of December?2:23

In December I realize (осознавать) how time flies (время летит). It seems like (кажется, дудто) we just had January and now it’s December already. It makes me sad a little bit (немного).

(9) What plans do you have for next December?2:45

I don’t like to plan a lot of things. All in good time (всему свое время). So, usually I don’t plan anything.

(1) If you made a December festival, what would you want it to be like?3:07

I don’t know. If it’s not too cold, it could be a festival outside with some winter activities (активные занятия зимой) for families.

(2) Is there any delicious food you eat in December?3:27

I’m fond of (мне нравится) asian food. So I like cooking  fish curry or chicken curry. And December is not an exception (исключение). Also, I like different cakes, with chocolate and berries (ягоды). 

(3) How should people celebrate in December?3:50

I think people should go outside and spend time with family and friends. Ice rings (катки) are already open, so people can go there. Or they can play snowballs (играть в снежки). I think it’s a lot of fun, especially for children.

(4) What famous (известные) holidays are there in December?4:13

New Year’s Eve of course, which is coming soon. Also there is a catholic Christmas (католическое Рождество) in December as well.

(5) How do you feel when December arrives?4:26

I’m very excited at this time. In the beginning of December I decorate (украшать) a Christmas tree and our flat. I buy gifts. I’m waiting for the holidays and planning what we’re going to do.

(6) If you made a video about December, what would you put in it?4:46

I imagine the early morning, a beautiful sunrise and a lot of snow everywhere.

(7) How do you feel when December is over (декабрь заканчивается)?5:02

I’m ok with it. I just think that the next stop is my birthday party (следующая остановка — вечеринка в честь моего дня рождения)

(8) What three adjectives best describe December, and why?5:12

White because of snow. Bright because of Christmas lights. And magical because a lot of people believe in miracles (чудеса), not only children.

(9) What good things can you remember happening in December?5:32

Meeting with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time. We usually talk about everything and get gifts (дарим подарки) to each other. 

(10) What is a good symbol for December, and why?5:46

Perhaps some gift which is wrapped in a bright paper (подарок, завернутый в яркую бумагу)

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