Would you like to eat some chocolate? | Говорим о шоколаде (Chocolate) на английском

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О шоколаде на английском языке

(1) Do you like chocolate? — Любите ли вы шоколад?

Yes I do. I am fond of chocolate! It’s sweet and tasty!

(2) Which country do you think makes the most delicious chocolate? — Как вы думаете, в какой стране производят самый вкусный шоколад?

I think it’s Switzerland. Lindt is the most popular swiss chocolate! I like it a lot! 

Even if you haven’t been to Switzerland, you’ve probably tasted Swiss chocolate. 

(3) Do you like getting chocolate as a present? — Нравится ли вам получать шоколад в подарок?

Yes! Chocolate is a great idea for any occasion like Birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Chocolate is a piece of love and happiness!

(4) Do you know how chocolate is made? — Вы знаете, как делают шоколад?

The key component is the seeds of the cacao tree. They must be fermented to develop the flavor. After fermentation, the seeds are dried, cleaned, and roasted. The shell is removed to produce cocoa nibs, which are then ground to cocoa mass. Then this mass has to be liquefied and formed.

(5) How much chocolate should children eat? — Сколько шоколада должны есть дети?

Chocolate is not bad for kids, but it should be good chocolate. Too much chocolate is also not good. A rule of thumb is to offer no more than a 30-gram bar at a time.

(6) Is chocolate part of any celebrations in your country? — Является ли шоколад частью каких-либо праздников в вашей стране?

I think it is. Chocolate is a part of any celebration in Russia. By the way, chocolade is associated with Christmas which is coming soon!

(7) Do you think chocolate is healthy? — Как вы думаете, шоколад полезен?

Yes I do. Chocolate is good for the heart. Especially the dark chocolate! 

(8) Who do you think are the world’s biggest chocolate eaters? — Как вы думаете, кто в мире больше всех ест шоколад?

Europe is the largest chocolate market, salling about $45 billion of chocolate each year. According to statistics, the Swiss eat the biggest amount of chocolate in the world. 

(9) Why is chocolate so often associated with romance? — Почему шоколад так часто ассоциируется с романтикой?

Because a chocolate gift has a strong symbolic meaning  of love, passion, care and a happy life.

(10) What would the world be like without chocolate? — Каким был бы мир без шоколада?

The world would be unhappy. I can’t imagine it without chocolate!

Anya —-> Rinat

(1) What do you know about the history of chocolate? — Что вы знаете об истории шоколада?

Chocolate is as old as Adam. Fermented drinks made from chocolate date back to at least 1900 BC to 1500 BC. 

(2) Did you eat a lot of chocolate when you were a child? — Вы ели много шоколада в детстве?

Yes I did, but I never eat too much of it. All in good measure!

(3) Why do you think so many people are addicted to chocolate? — Как вы думаете, почему так много людей пристрастились к шоколаду?

Because it’s tasty and full of energy. The problem is that there is a lot of bad chocolate nowadays. People have to be attentive to what they buy and consume. 

(4) What is your favourite brand / bar / kind of chocolate? — Какая ваша любимая марка / плитка / вид шоколада?

I like the German brand Ritter Sport. It’s a well known producer of chocolate. They make tasty products of high quality.

(5) Would you like to eat some chocolate right now? — Хочешь съесть шоколадку прямо сейчас?

Yes I would. Why not? 🙂

(6) Do you have a favourite chocolate TV commercial? — У вас есть любимая телевизионная реклама шоколада?

No, I don’t have any favourite TV commercials about chocolate. 

(7) How can the word ‘chocolate’ be a countable and uncountable noun? — Как слово «шоколад» может быть исчисляемым и неисчисляемым существительным?

It depends on what you exactly mean by chocolate. If you speak about the substance then it’s generally uncountable just like «steel» or «water». For example: “There is a lot of chocolate in this cake”. 

But at the same time, you can buy a box of chocolates? The box that contains a lot of pieces or bars of chocolate. In this case chocolate can be plural.

(8) Have you read the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’? — Вы читали книгу «Чарли и шоколадная фабрика»?

Unfortunately no, I haven’t. I have only seen a movie. It’s a good one.

(9) Does eating chocolate change our feelings? — Изменяет ли употребление шоколада наши чувства?

Eating chocolate makes us happy. The body uses it to produce the mood-elevating substance of serotonin – also known as the happiness hormone. 

(10) What are your earliest memories of chocolate? — Каковы ваши самые ранние воспоминания о шоколаде?

In childhood I was fond of a kinder surprise. A chocolate egg with a small toy inside. I was happy when my parents bought it for me. I think it’s my earliest memories of chocolate.

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