Как употреблять глагол to suggest

Диалог к видео. Как употреблять глагол to suggest.

Hi everyone.

A: Rinat, how can we use the verb “to suggest — предлагать”?

R: The verb “to suggest” can be used with other verbs, with nouns or with wh-questions. For example:

I suggest that you do something.

(Я предлагаю вам что-либо сделать)

I suggest that you watch this video.

(Я предлагаю вам посмотреть это видео)

I suggest that you read this book.

(Я предлагаю вам почитать эту книгу)

I suggest that you come earlier tomorrow. 

(Я предлагаю вам прийти завтра пораньше)

We can use “to suggest” with a noun:

R: Anya, can you suggest a topic for a new dialog?

A: Yes, I can suggest a topic. I suggest to make a dialog about love.

R: This is a common mistake. We can’t use infinitive after the verb “to suggest”. We should use the verb with the ending -ing after the verb “to suggest”. So you can say:

I suggest making a dialog about love.

You can also use the verb “to suggest” with wh-questions (what, where, when, how). For example:

R: Anya, could you suggest what else we can do to improve our dialogs?

A: I suggest that we choose more interesting topics for a discussion. 

R: Yes I agree. So guys if you have some interesting ideas for new dialogs, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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Thanks for watching and see you next time. Bye!

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