О друзьях на английском языке (Диалог B1-B2)

о друзьях на английском

Сегодня мы поговорим о друзьях на английском языке. Уровень диалога B1-B2. Как всегда, вы можете скачать транскрипты в нашем канале Телеграм. Если у вас есть вопросы, будем рады ответить на них в комментариях. Поддержите видео лайком и подписывайтесь на наш канал! Спасибо!

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О друзьях на английском языке

So Anya let’s talk about friends.

1) What do friends mean to you? — (Что друзья для тебя значат?) 0:27

I can’t imagine my life without my friends. They take up (занимать) a big part of my life. I need somebody who can tell me compliments, support me and tell me when I am wrong.

(2) What makes a friend a best friend? — (Что делает друга лучшим другом?)0:43

We all know that the best friend never lets you down (никогда не подводит) and helps in bad times. And also he is really happy for you when you succeed (преуспевать, добиваться успеха). 

(3) What makes you a good friend? — (Что делает тебя хорошим другом?)0:59

I can listen to (слушать) and hear (слышать) my friend, can give some piece of advice (дать совет) and support her, when she needs it. I’m always in touch with her (поддерживаю с ней связь).

(4) Is it easy for you to make friends? — (Ты легко заводишь друзей?)1:13

I’m a very friendly person. I like new connections. Also I can learn something new and useful (полезное) from those people. This is what I like the most (люблю больше всего).

(5) Do you have any particularly close friends? — (У тебя есть особенно близкие друзья?)1:36

Yes I do. We studied together at university and we are still good friends. There is a very close friendship (дружба).

(6) Do you stay in touch with all of the friends you’ve made? — (Ты поддерживаешь связь со всеми друзьями?)1:50

I try but sometimes it’s impossible (невозможно), because people see the life differently (видеть жизнь по-разному).

(7) Which long-lost friend would you like to see again? — (Кого из давно потерянных друзей, ты бы хотела увидеть вновь?)2:03

I don’t have such friends. I see my friends two or three times a month and also we chat (переписываться, общаться) every day. 

(8) Is there a difference in friendship between your male friends and female friends? — (Есть ли разница в дружбе между твоими друзьями и подругами?)2:21

I don’t have male friends at all (вовсе, совсем). But I think there’s a big difference because we don’t have many things in common (общее). On another hand (с другой стороны) I believe in friendship between colleagues (коллеги).

(9) Do you ever worry about losing your friends? — (Ты когда-нибудь переживаешь, что можешь потерять друзей?)3:03

Yes, I do. I don’t want to lose my friends. They are pretty much important to me.

1) Are friends sometimes more important than family? — (Друзья порой важнее семьи?)3:21

That’s a hard question. I think it’s different for everyone. In my opinion (по моему мнению), friends can’t be more important than family.

(2) Do you agree with the expression “a friend in need is a friend in deed”? — (Ты согласен с выражением “друг познается в беде”?)2:31

Yes I do. I think that we can’t have many real friends. We can have many fellows and mates (приятели и товарищи), that most likely (скорее всего) won’t help you when you are in trouble. A real friend is a friend in need of course. 

(3) How similar are you to your friends? — (На сколько ты похож на друзей?)4:05

All my friends are pretty much different. Especially now, when we all are 30 years old and even older. But even now we stay in touch with each other. 

(4) Do you think you have a special understanding with your friends? — (Ты считаешь, что у вас с друзьями особое понимание?)4:25

Absolutely. We can make jokes (шутить), which no one understands, but only my friends and me. So yes, we definitely have a special understanding with each other.

(5) At which stages of life is it easier to make friends? — (В какие периоды жизни легче всего заводить друзей?)4:44

In childhood of course. Kids are usually pretty easygoing (легкий характером). I think 12-15 years old is the best age for making friends.

(6) Are your childhood friends those you have strongest bonds with? — (С друзьями детства у тебя самые сильные связи?)5:02

Yes they are. As I said, the best friends are friends from childhood. So yes, my childhood friends are those I have the strongest bonds with. 

(7) What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for your friends? — (Что самое приятное ты когда-либо делал для своих друзей?)5:38

I don’t know. I can’t remember anything in particular (в особенности). It’s better to ask them I think.

(8) How often do you fall out with your friends? — (Как часто ты ссоришься с друзьями?)5:50

Now I don’t fall out with my friends, because we see each other not so often. When we were young and spent a lot of time together, of course we had some different points of view (различные точки зрения). But I can’t say that we fell out a lot with each other. We were always getting along pretty well (хорошо ладили).

(9) If you could choose any friend in the world, who would it be? — (Если бы ты мог выбрать любого друга во всем мире, кто бы это был?)6:17

To be honest (если честно) I don’t know. That’s a very personal question. I can’t say it now.

(10) What is the most valuable thing you have to offer as a friend? — (Что самое ценное ты можешь предложить, как друг?) 6:30

I don’t think my friends need anything special from. They just know that I’m always ready to help, whatever they need. I think this is the most important thing. A friend in need is a friend in deed.

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