не спрашивайте девушек об этом на английском

Не спрашивайте девушек об этом! (Диалог В1-В2)

Какие вопросы нельзя задавать девушкам? И как они звучат на английском? Обсуждаем в этом диалоге! Будем рады вашим комментариям и вопросам. Подписывайтесь на наш канал.

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R: Anya, how much do you weigh?

to weigh весить

weight — вес

We don’t usually ask women about this. So be very careful with this question.

R: Anya, are you pregnant?

Pregnancy — беременность

to be pregnant — быть в положении 

Polite people don’t ask women about this as well. If a woman is pregnant, she tells about it when time comes.

R: Anya, how old are you?

Age – возраст

Age is also quite a personal subject for a woman. Ask only your friends about it.

Body language – язык тела 

Body language is also important. Talking to a woman you should look into her eyes. If you are not brave enough to look into her eyes, you can just look somewhere around her face. Don’t try to look at her too closely trying to estimate how good her forms are or something else. That’s not polite.

R: You look so old!

Look – внешность, внешнее состояние

If you are not familiar with a woman long enough, it’s not polite to say things like that. Also we don’t say: you look bad, you look untidy and so on.

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