О гневе на английском языке! (Intermediate English)

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О гневе на английском

(1) What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘anger’? — Что приходит на ум, когда вы слышите слово «гнев»?

I think about negative emotions and a depressive mood.

(2) Are you an angry person? — Вы злой человек?

Of course I am not! I am the kindest person in the World!

(3) What are you like when getting angry? — Какая ты, когда злишься?

I don’t like getting angry. I always try to hide it.

(4) What makes you angry most? — Что вас больше всего злит?

A lot of things in the world make me worried sometimes. I can’t say which one makes me the most angry. 

(5) When you get angry, do you stay angry for a long time? — Когда вы злитесь, вы долго остаетесь злой?

No, I’m Aquarius! We never stay angry for a long time!

(6) Do you like looking at other people getting angry? — Вам нравится смотреть, как другие люди злятся?

No I don’t. I think nobody likes it. There is nothing good about it.

(7) What colour is anger? — Какого цвета гнев?

It’s considered to be red. I agree with this.

(8) What makes you angry about modern life? — Что вас злит в современной жизни?

Corona crises, lockdowns and other state limitations because of the virus. 

(9) Someone once said: “For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” Do you agree? — Кто-то однажды сказал: «Каждую минуту, когда вы злитесь, вы теряете шестьдесят секунд счастья». Ты согласен?

Yes I do agree! Every minute we are angry, we lose sixty seconds of happiness! That’s true!

(10)    How to deal with anger? — Как справиться с гневом?

It’s not easy sometimes. I usually try to think about something positive and smile. It definitely helps! 

Anya —-> Rinat 

(1) Why do we have the emotion of anger? — Почему у нас есть эмоция гнева?

Anger is a reaction to everything that might be dangerous for a human. So we need these emotions to protect ourselves in different situations.

(2) Is there anything positive about getting angry? — Есть ли что-нибудь положительное в том, чтобы злиться?

I don’t think so. Anger is usually a negative thing.

(3) Who is the angriest person you know? — Кто самый злой человек из всех, кого вы знаете?

I don’t know any angry people. I try not to meet them in my life. It makes my life better and more peaceful. 

(4) Should anger be a sin? — Должен ли гнев быть грехом?

No it should not. As I said, anger is a natural feeling. We can’t survive without it.

(5) Why do we get angry with the ones we love? — Почему мы злимся на тех, кого любим?

Because we all are humans. It’s not easy sometimes to keep calm even with your loved ones. Especially with children, when they behave badly. 

(6) Who on Earth angers you most? — Кто на Земле злит вас больше всего?

Politicians make me angry sometimes, because they make stupid decisions and plain people suffer or even die because of their decisions. That’s terrible. 

(7) What happens when you bottle up your anger? — Что происходит, когда вы сдерживаете свой гнев?

It depends on the situation. I am not an angry person and it’s difficult to make me angry. I don’t really like quarrels and conflicts. 

(8) Is it easy for you to control and hide your anger? — Легко ли вам контролировать и скрывать свой гнев?

Yes, for me it’s easy. And I think it’s important to control and hide our anger. We need to be smarter and not let emotions control our life. 

(9) Elizabeth Kenny said: “He who angers you beats you.” Do you agree? — Элизабет Кенни сказала: «Тот, кто злит тебя, побеждает тебя. Ты согласен?

Absolutely! When we get angry it always works against us and we usually lose. That’s why people regret getting angry so often.

(10) A Chinese Proverb said: “Never write a letter while you are angry.” Do you think this is good advice? — Китайская пословица гласит: «Никогда не пиши письма, если ты зол». Как вы думаете, это хороший совет? 

Yes, I think it’s good advice. If you are angry, just take a breath and calm down before writing a letter to someone. I always do so at work! 

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