о ютубе и блогерах

О YouTube и блогерах (Intermediate English)

Сегодня мы говорим о YouTube и видео блогерах (vloggers) на английском языке. Уровень диалога Intermediate. Текст к видео доступен в формате PDF по ссылке выше. Прослушать аудиоверсию выпуска можно в наших подкастах на Яндекс Музыка и Apple Podcasts. Оставляйте свои комментарии с вопросами, критикой и идеями. Мы будем очень рады, если вы оцените видео лайком и подпишитесь на наш канал!

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О YouTube и блогерах на английском

Сегодня мы говорим о YouTube и видео блогерах (vloggers) на английском языке.

  1. What makes YouTube so interesting? — Что делает YouTube таким интересным?

Video content is attractive. People would rather watch something than read. That’s why YouTube is getting more and more popular nowadays.

  1. Is YouTube about entertainment or about education? What do you think? — YouTube  — это о развлечениях или об образовании? Что вы думаете?

Generally, YouTube is about entertainment of course. But at the same time people make a lot of educational content and other people watch this content and learn from it. So YouTube is not only about entertainment. That’s for sure.

  1. How many people watch YouTube nowadays? — Сколько людей сейчас смотрят YouTube?

Over 2 billion users visit YouTube each month. In Russia for example, about 60 million people watch YouTube.

  1. Does YouTube replace television? — Заменяет ли YouTube телевидение?

Absolutely! It’s not as popular as television yet, but I’m sure YouTube will replace it one day. 

  1. What are the good things and the bad things about YouTube? — Что хорошего и плохого в YouTube?

The good thing is that there is a lot of good content on YouTube. The bad thing is that there are many stupid videos that gain thousands of views. And children watch them. That’s crazy.

  1. Would you limit your children from watching YouTube? — Вы бы ограничивали своих детей в просмотре YouTube?

Of course I would! And YouTube lets parents do this! There is a special function called “Parents control” in YouTube settings.

  1. You said there are many stupid videos. Should YouTube be censored? What do you think? — Вы сказали, что есть много глупых видео. Следует ли подвергать YouTube цензуре? Что вы думаете?

Problem is not about YouTube I think. Stupid videos get views and become popular, because people watch them. 

  • So you think the problem is about people? 

I think so. I mean there is no reason to make YouTube censored. It won’t help.

  1. What is your favorite YouTube channel? — Какой ваш любимый канал на YouTube?

I can’t choose only one. I follow 3 or 4 channels and they are all different. One is about learning English, the others about cooking, style and beauty. 

  1. What is your favorite kind of content? — Какой ваш любимый контент?

I like when people teach me something and do this with fun. So I like educational content, but I don’t like when it’s too boring. 

  1. Is there any alternative to YouTube in your country? — Есть ли в вашей стране альтернатива YouTube?

There is RuTube in Russia, but it’s not so popular yet. Maybe it will be one day. We will see! 

Anya ——-> Rinat

  1. What do you think about YouTube vloggers (video bloggers)? — Что вы думаете о YouTube-блогерах?

It depends on the blogger. Some people make really good content which is interesting to follow. The others make such trash that I can hardly watch this. So bloggers are different. 

  1. Is it difficult to be a YouTube vlogger? — Сложно ли быть видеоблогером на YouTube?

Making good content is not easy. It takes time and sometimes it takes money. But once again, bloggers are different and their channels are different. So it depends. 

  1. Top 10 YouTube vloggers earned over 100$ million last year. What do you think of it? — 10 топ блоггеров YouTube заработали в прошлом году более 100 миллионов долларов. Что ты думаешь об этом?

Honestly I don’t care how much other people earn. But in general, I don’t think that any kind of blogger deserves such big incomes. It’s our crazy world. There is nothing we can do with it.

  1. Would you like to be a popular blogger? — Хотели бы вы стать популярным блогером?

I would like to bring something useful and teach people something. And  I want to share it with as many people as possible. So of course I want to make our channel popular. 

  1. A lot of children till 15 years old want to be YouTube bloggers nowadays. What do you think of it? — Сегодня многие дети до 15 лет хотят стать YouTube-блогерами. Что ты думаешь об этом?

It’s a result of the YouTube influence. Today, children watch YouTube too much. They see how much money famous youtubers make. Of course they want to be like them. I can’t judge them for it. 

  • Is it good or bad?

It’s not good of course, but they are just children. I believe many of them change their minds as they get older. 

  1. Who are influencers? — Кто такие инфлюенсеры?

It’s famous bloggers that share their thoughts and ideas on YouTube and other social media. So they can influence their audience. That’s why people call them influencers.

  1. What would be the world like if everyone becomes a YouTube blogger? — Каким был бы мир, если бы каждый стал блогером YouTube?

I can’t imagine the world like this. There would be no world I think. 

  1. In China YouTube is blocked. Do you think it’s good or not? — В Китае заблокирован YouTube. Как ты думаешь, это хорошо или нет?

I don’t know. China is a comunist country. They probably think that YouTube has a bad influence on their society. I’d partly agree with this.

  1. If the Russian government blocks YouTube one day, what will you do? — Если российское правительство однажды заблокирует YouTube, что вы будете делать?

I will keep making videos and develop our channel. I think it’s not possible to block YouTube completely. And when you block something you should offer an alternative. In Russia there is no alternative to YouTube. Unfortunately! 

  1.  What would you choose: to have a full time job or be a YouTube blogger and earn money on it? — Что бы вы выбрали: работать полный рабочий день или стать YouTube-блогером и зарабатывать на этом?

I like my job and I am not going to quit it. Even if I earn enough on YouTube. I would rather combine my real job and my hobby of blogging.

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